Claus Schaale

CISCO Systems
Head of business development

About Claus

With more than 15 years of international experience in the telecommunications and IT industries, Claus Schaale heads the worldwide team of Cloud Business Development for Cisco Systems, identifying and developing key partners and cloud related projects.Claus has worked primarily in the Service Provider an IT Managed Services, holding sales and management positions in companies such as Telefónica, 3Com and Cisco Systems in Latin America, USA and Europe. His main focus has been the introduction of emerging technologies in the space, starting from broadband Internet access in the 90s to today’s cloud technologies, where he lead projects such as Verizon/Terremark’s E-Cloud. He has been also actively involved in different cloud and Internet development initiatives, leading the cloud adoption for government projects at Cisco.
Claus holds a BS/MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Chile and an MBA in International Business from Florida International University (USA). He speaks Spanish, English, German and basic Portuguese.