PaaSword - A Holistic Data Privacy and Security by Design Platform-as-a-Service Framework

Despite its compelling benefits, only few enterprises make use of cloud computing. Current cloud applications and storage volumes often leave information at risk to theft, unauthorized exposure or malicious manipulation. Thus, the benefits of cloud computing are still underexploited by many businesses and individuals. In order to unlock these valuable business benefits, security and data privacy concerns as main barriers in cloud adoption must be effectively addressed in a holistic way.

PaaSword aims at fortifying the trust of individuals and corporate customers in cloud services and increasing the adoption rate of cloud-based solutions by securing the most critical target, the data persistency layer and the database itself. The focus is on safeguarding both corporate and personal data for cloud infrastructures and storage services. PaaSword introduces a holistic data privacy and security by design framework with main aim to protect users’ sensitive data stored in the cloud. The framework is based on a searchable encryption scheme enhanced with sophisticated context-aware access control mechanisms. An innovative approach for key management maximizes customers‘ control over their data. Finally, PaaSword supports developers of cloud applications through code annotation techniques that allow specifying an appropriate level of protection for the application‘s data. Thus, PaaSword enables European enterprises to unlock valuable business, economic and operational benefits of migrating to the cloud.

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