Position Papers

Cloud – Thinking About Procurement and Contracts in a Different Way

Nicky Stewart, Skyscape Cloud

Buying cloud requires the buyer to think differently about procurement, and contracts. In the same way that you wouldn’t expect to negotiate your electricity contract with your utility provider, you wouldn’t generally expect to negotiate a contract with your cloud provider either. As a consumer, you want the best deal, and terms that are favourable to you.

Service-Oriented Models for Cloud Based Big Data Analytics

Juanhuan Wen, Junfeng Zhao, Da Qi Ren, Huawei

A growing number of enterprises use cloud computing to build their big data projects because the cloud offers a cost-effective way to support big data technologies and the advanced analytic applications that respond to real business needs and drive commercial values.

Trusted Data Safe Havens for Healthcare

Elizabeth Elliot, Dave Robertson, University of Edinburgh

Much of the value from trusted cloud computing is derived, not from selling general architectures, but from applying these architectures and systems to high-growth, high-impact areas. Healthcare systems and the search for new medical insights and therapies, provide a massive potential market for data analytics.

IoT Applications and Services: From Smart Environments to Business Opportunities

Giorgio Micheletti, Senior Consulting Manager, IDC

The IoT use cases highlighted in IDC research tap into advanced and uninterrupted networking capabilities (supported/extended by other technologies such as cloud and big data) to spawn viable business opportunities.